Oil and Gas Leasing – How Landowners in “Wet” Gas Areas are Making a “Splash” with Gas Operators

In representing landowners in oil and gas lease negotiations throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, it is apparent that there has been significant slowing in gas leasing and exploration activity in many areas of the region.  In one recent instance, a gas operator even withdrew offers relating to proposed oil and gas leases for several clients of ours […]

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Congratulations to Jesse Pettit, Esquire, now the Honorable Jesse D. Pettit, for his election to the Court of Common Pleas of Washington County!

As a result of this wonderful development, Jesse is no longer engaged in the private practice of law. Jennifer continues to practice law, however, the law firm formerly known as "Pettit & Mihok, PLLC" is now "The Mihok Law Firm, P.C."